Career Comedy Highlights:

* Monologue joke used on the Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno

* Songs heard on Dr. Demento Show and CBC Radio

* Screenplay optioned by Lauron Productions

* Acoustic Comedy EP release

* Performed comedy songs at Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

* Comedy Producer for CBC Radio Network Show Dayshift 

* Trained Improvisor with Theatresports.


  • There's A Hole In Daddy's Haircut2:58
  • Euphoria By The Sea3:17
  • If I Were a Bird2:26
  • Don't Stick Your Butt Outside Your Window3:18
  • I Am Not Celine Dion2:38

Robert's songs and co-writes have won First Place or an Honorable Mention in several International Songwriting Contests including Unisong, The USA Songwriting Contest, Billboard and the CMT NSAI Song Contest. 

Live at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville TN

after winning the comedy/novelty category of the USA Songwriting Contest with co-writer David Leask for Infomaniac, I got to play the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville!

Canadian Movie live on Song Talk Radio Toronto

I'm Changing My Name to Kardashian

International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist!

Robert Davis: Stand Up Comedy Music is available for all types of shows including charitable events and fundraisers. More jokes than music but it's still a 2 for 1 Contact me @ Cell/Text 647-272-6270